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i was taken in and fully trusted this man, he took me for thousands of dollars. I think he is a top notch *** man, a real scam master on an international level. i think he scammed people for millions of pounds. He then ran a scams in America, and is now based in Australia.

his style is so convincing, so trusting, so get sucked in without realizing it

this is him AKA, and

his curent scam business is veracity Associates, he guarantees your income AGAIN, this is his classic style guaranteeing you earn x amount in your first 12 months. GOOD LUCK ever getting him to honor that! his websites are; and he targets older people for their savings, they tend to have more money saved you see!

read about what his American victims say of him on;

Australia beware! This is his current front based in Sydney Australia;,

this is his ad;

I never saw my money back, neither will you. do not give him your money.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1172805

they have moved on again, renamed a new scam again its Aussie Online entrepreneur, and using selling his expertise on how to sell through amazon and alibaba. warning its a SCAM here's the link;, where are the authorities when Neil Asher seems to rip people off unstopped for 10 years and counting!


He uses Roar Local to hook into other businesses with scams.


They have now rebranded to "Australian Probate Professionals"


The business partner was Dean Bainbridge from bainbridge legal, he did all the work for Veracity Associates, if you look at the drop down menu on meet the team he's still there no doubt neil tried to delete all the evidence


Actually I think they are re-branding as Australian Probate Law Clerks.

New South Wales, Australia #893224

Also promoting themselves as Australian Probate Law Clerks. Started this month.


Veracity Associates seems to have stopped advertising on Face book at the same time as this new company started to:

Only been registered since September!!


In the UK complaints suggest he hid behind a trail of entities. Seems to be doing the same in aus.

Veracity is only a trading name owned by Australian Legacy Consultants Ptu Ltd.

As a new veracity associate, I would be very careful what legal entity you are you are signing an agreement with. I don't think Neil intends to honour any money back guarantees.


Also found this on another link:

Things look a little odd. An ABN search for Roar Local Australia shows up:


24 406 454 789

Entity Name:

OLDROYD, MICHAEL JEREMY (From 27/11/2012) OLDROYD, MICHAEL JEREMY (16/11/2011 - 27/11/2012) Entity Type: Individual/Sole Trader Business Names: RoarLocal Victoria (From 23/08/2014) ROAR Local Australia (From 7/12/2012) KIDZ 5 A DAY AUSTRALIA (From 6/06/2012 Michael Oldroyd (operating as a sole trader with Neil's business names???) is someone who went into administration as a company director in the UK.

Roar Local Pty Ltd was then registered on 27/03/2013 (ABN 22163056040) at Bondi Jct address. There doesn't seem to be much longevity to any of these entities (and if you google them, complaints on each one)!!!


A quick look at the business would suggest it has only started operating about June or July this year and already there are about 30 associates (check LinkedIn and Youtube). Could be wrong of course, but that's not usually a sustainable model. There is a money back guarantee for not hitting earnings of $50k after one year, but the risk is that they are just trying to sign as many associates up for $20k each within that time and moving on.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #874875

This is Neil Asher

I welcome any opportunity to refute these lies that have been posted by me.

My personal email is neil . k .

asher at gmail . com (without the spaces as I don’t want spam :)

My mobile number is +61 (0)449 291 353

My skype is neil_asher

I challenge whoever wrote this to contact me and set up a time to be on a phone call that we both agree will be recorded and the resulting phone call to be placed here for all to hear. If you are legitimate you will embrace this opportunity to talk to me, however if you are simply trying to discredit me then you will refuse. My guess is that this is a *** man called Jarl Moe who has stolen millions of dollars from innocent families in the UK.

He has fled to live in Bali and thinks he has gotten away with it. I am however personally campaigning to ensure that the victims monies are returned. I have set up a website that he would like me to take down: You can read all about Jarl's previous scams here: this is no doubt another example of Jarl trying to threaten me and force me to remove the website so he can continue to steal money from innocent hard working families. Just Google Jarl Moe and you’ll find out all about him and the work I have undertaken to ensure that he is brought to justice.

If you choose to believe these lies that Jarl has written then you are helping Jarl to steal more money from innocent hard working people. Neil Asher “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

to Neil-Asher #987270

Neil Asher is listed on, on and on every complaint site on the web, for over 10 years by HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE. he is a scammer if there is one, and shameless.

from what I could find he works using other people's names, Michael Oldroyd is used to run & scam in Roar local and his other scam the now debunked VERACITY ASSOCIATES are NOW renamed 'Australian Probate Lawyers' hiding behind all very legitimate looking front. Get the word out!

to Neil-Asher #1064803

I have an email from you saying you couldn't pay me for work I completed for you due to your business being in Administration, and have subsequent proof that this was a complete fabrication, all after your colleagues gave me the run around for weeks. Pathetic - I might have had a shred of respect for you had you just admitted straight up you were choosing not to pay me because you're a greedy man. People like you disgust me.

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